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A single tree can sequester 1 ton of Co2 in its life

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But when trees decompose or are burned - ALL of the CO2 is released back into the atmosphere

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We stop this wood from being burned or landfilled, sequester the CO2, and make products that

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Decrease the use of antibiotics

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Naturally remediates soil

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Absorbs household odours

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Are used in personal care

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Let's change it back!

The climate is changing

Help us do even more

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Together we CAN make an impact

Amount of carbon in a tree


Amount of carbon we reclaim



Amount of Co2 sequestered

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Be part of the change

The climate is changing Let's change it back

YES! It's possible. We are making biodegradable plastic from the carbon we reclaim. Imagine - sequestering carbon AND impacting the plastic problem. You can help us get to the next step. Support our Indiegogo campaign and...

What if we could tackle the plastic problem AND fight climate change?

Let's take our climate back!

The Co2 levels in the atmosphere have increased by 150% since the start of the industrial revolution. We are starting a NEW revolution and YOU can be part of it.