Corporate Memberships

No tax

A great way to be socially responsible and purchase Carbon Offsets in the process. 


Make an impact on the environment. With a corporate membership, you help remove 30 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere and doing so has its perks.   

What are the benefits of membership?

Members own the benefits from CO2 removal including the revenue derived from the sale of carbon credits.

For each tonne of CO2 removal purchased, members receive a gift manufactured using carbon that is removed from the atmosphere. Gifts include the choice of:

  • Carbon soil enhancer for plants
  • Carbon for personal care
  • Carbon for household odour control
  • Carbon soap and tooth polish gift pack

Members can track their carbon removal purchase, including the specific project that is generating the carbon dioxide removal and the revenue generated from their purchase.

Members can cancel anytime and will retain ownership of all carbon removal benefits.

Memberships fund carbon removal projects. Members choose which projects are conducted next.

Carbon removal projects always have added social benefits including supporting communities already dealing with the impacts of climate change.

CO2 removal process information: Activated Carbon production from 100% reclaimed wood inputs. 

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